988 Day of Visibility on June 16, 2022

988 is finally available nationwide starting July 16 as a number for people to call or text during a mental health, substance use or suicide crisis. We know that having an easy-to-remember, three-digit number will help more people connect to trained counselors during a crisis. But many people are still unaware of 988 or what will and won’t be available in their community.

On June 16, we held the 988 Day of Visibility, raising awareness with the public and policymakers about the need to fund not just the 988 call centers, but a full crisis system of care. We pushed for awareness of what a mental health crisis response could be – and how we get there.

Why? Because everyone experiencing a mental health crisis should receive a mental health response.

Watch the Virtual Rally on June 16th

As part of NAMICon 2022, we hosted a 988 Day of Visibility Virtual Rally on June 16 to highlight 988’s impending availability and why we need to advocate to #ReimagineCrisis.

If you missed it, watch the recording below!

Take Action on June 16

In order to expand the local crisis call centers, mobile crisis teams and crisis stabilization options to help all people in crisis receive help, not handcuffs, we need policymaker action and investment to support this ideal system.

The 988 Implementation Act would improve mental health crisis services across the country. Ask your member of Congress to co-sponsor this vital piece of legislation.

Spread the Word

Using the #ReimagineCrisis hashtag, we will post throughout the Day of Visibility about 988 and the need to reimagine our crisis response. Follow @NAMIAdvocacy on Twitter to join the conversation as we lift-up posts throughout the day.

You help spread the word, too! Let your friends and family know that we need to #ReimagineCrisis.

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