Now Available: 988

988, the three-digit number for mental health, substance use and suicidal crises, is available nationwide.


People can call or text 988 or chat at to connect with trained crisis counselors that can provide de-escalation and mental health intervention services by phone

We Can #ReimagineCrisis

Every year, millions of mental health or suicidal crisis calls are made to 911 and local crisis lines. But unfortunately, when in-person help is needed, law enforcement — not a mental health professional — is often the only response available. It doesn’t have to be this way.


People in mental health or suicidal crisis deserve a compassionate and effective response. To #ReimagineCrisis, our response needs three main parts: 24/7 local crisis call centers, mobile crisis teams, and crisis stabilization options.

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Your story can help policymakers understand why we must act now to change our crisis response system.

“My son deserves the help, we deserve the help that we need to get him back to a productive person in society. He needs mental health care not a jail cell.” – Sonia from Georgia

REIMAGINE: A Week of Action to Reimagine Our National Response to People in Crisis

On November 16-18, 2021, we hosted REIMAGINE: A Week of Action to Reimagine Our National Response to People in Crisis, free virtual events to learn more about our current response to mental health and suicidal crises, how crisis response impacts different communities, how you can help #ReimagineCrisis — and how we can work together to build a better, more equitable crisis system.

988 Day of Visibility

Held on June 16, 2022, the 988 Day of Visibility raised awareness with the public and policymakers about the need to fund not just the 988 call centers, but a full crisis system of care. We pushed for awareness of what a mental health crisis response could be – and how we get there. And you can watch a recording of the June 16th 988 Day of Visibility Virtual Rally highlighting 988’s impending availability and why we need to advocate to #ReimagineCrisis.

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988 is available, but our work continues. Stay abreast of state and national developments on 988 and the full crisis continuum of care covered by news outlets across the country.
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