Crisis Response Stories

A mental health crisis can affect anyone at any time. You, your loved one, your friends, your neighbors. Hear from people across the country that experienced our current response to mental health and suicidal crises.

“I called the police who found him and put him in jail. He doesn’t deserve jail. He needs mental health help. […] My son deserves the help, we deserve the help that we need to get him back to a productive person in society. He needs mental health care not a jail cell.
Sonia from Georgia

The entire community benefits from crisis response in terms of lowered costs down the road by avoiding unnecessary interaction with the court system and improved individual outcomes that help limit the financial drain on taxpayers.”
Nancy from New Hampshire

“First responders need training on how to understand mental health and how to calm and and get the help we need. I know from my experiences that we need 24/7 crisis intervention and support of trained individuals.
Tena from Ohio

“We have a good crisis team in our area of rural counties. However, the number of patients it can help is limited in crisis situations. When this occurs, I am instructed to go to the emergency room.”
Jim from Oklahoma

"When I think back on my experience, I feel angry. I think about how I, in a very vulnerable state, had to advocate for myself to prevent my situation from escalating with the police. I think about all the people, especially those of color, who did not and will not have my presence of mind during their moments of mental health crisis. I think about how an inappropriate crisis response can put the lives of people with mental health issues at risk as well as trap them in the sticky web of the criminal justice system. Unfortunately, the crisis response that I received is the status quo across the country."

Your story can help policymakers understand why we must act now
to change our crisis response system.
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