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We have an opportunity to #ReimagineCrisis. Join leading organizations to demand that our elected officials reimagine our crisis response system. Together, we can ensure that every person experiencing a mental health or suicidal crisis receives a humane response and is treated with dignity and respect.

Take action to #ReimagineCrisis in your community

Every person experiencing a mental health or suicidal crisis deserves a mental health response. And any person could be impacted by a behavioral health crisis. Contact your elected officials and urge them to implement this life-saving system of care and #ReimagineCrisis.

Learn more about state legislation to #ReimagineCrisis

Crisis response legislation is moving in statehouses across the country. To learn more about your state’s legislative action and what is moving in other states, NAMI has an in-depth map of state-level 988 legislation.

Resources for Policymakers

Below are available resources and guidance for federal, state and local policymakers looking to #ReimagineCrisis.

Resources by Topic

Below are a compilation of resources for reimagining crisis response, categorized by topic. 

Policy, Legislation & Guidelines

Public Policy Briefs

Resources for Public Education & Awareness

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