Advocacy Intensive Event Recordings

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Making the Most of the 988 Advocacy Intensive

As an advocacy leader, your voice is critical to showing the public what they should demand – and showing policymakers the change we need. Join us for our Advocacy Intensive kick-off and learn how to get the most out of the next three days.

How a Continuum of Crisis Services Can Work

A robust crisis response system should include 24/7 crisis call centers, mobile crisis teams and crisis stabilization programs, but few communities have all three in place. Learn more about each component and case studies you can use to convince colleagues, the public and policymakers on why all three are critical to invest in.

Finding and Successfully Preparing Your Champions

A champion legislator (or a few) are critical to moving efforts in your state, but all champions are not the same. Join us to think through the strategy on who is best positioned to advance crisis services, including who can convince others to come on board. We’ll also discuss the best ways you can empower your legislative champion(s) to talk about this issue and be successful.

Where’s the Funding? Understanding Ways to Fund Crisis Services

No single funding source is going to make the full range of crisis services available. Join us to learn about what insurance covers for crisis care, federal funding streams, and different options for your state. Use this information to successfully advocate for the resources your state needs to improve crisis services.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and 988: How Will It Work?

When 988 goes live nationwide by next July, it will route through the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Learn more about how the Lifeline operates, including call routing, training and data collection. Additionally, learn what to expect with 988 – and what it will mean in your community in dispatching help when needed. You’ll also hear how some call centers and emergency response systems (including 911/law enforcement) collaborate.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

988 User Fees: What They Are, Why They Are Needed and How to Advocate for Them

Call it a “user fee,” “surcharge” or “levy,” but one thing is certain: these monthly fees on phone bills provide a consistent and sustainable funding stream for states. Learn more about why they matter, how they can be used and the best ways to convince the public, partners and policymakers that they are needed.

Building and Expanding an Inclusive Crisis Coalition

Our current response to crisis impacts the whole community, and to #ReimagineCrisis, we need all voices to be pushing for this change to be a truly intersectional effort. Join us to hear about new types of partners to engage in your efforts, and how to ensure your coalition allows everyone to play a meaningful role. We’ll also discuss ways to highlight voices that are often silenced from communities of color, the LGBTQI+ community, and more.

What Does It Cost? Calculating Your State’s Funding Needs

Pushing for funding is critical to this work, but how do you answer the question, “How much funding do you need?” Hear from experts on a tool available to calculate your funding needs and from advocates who can share their experience forecasting how much funding it will take to make this continuum possible.

Making Noise: Getting Media Coverage and Policymaker Attention of Crisis Advocacy

Two groups are critical to moving our crisis work forward: policymakers who make the decisions and the media who can raise public awareness (which puts pressure on policymakers to act). But what’s the best way to get their attention? Join us to hear insights on what works to get attention, and what can backfire.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

The Intersection of 988 and the Overdose Crisis

Alcohol and drug use play a significant, yet often overlooked role, in mental health and suicide crises. With overdose deaths reaching an all-time high in 2020, it is important for decision makers to be asking the question: How can 988 help support overdose prevention?

Email, Digital and In-Person Strategies to Engage Your Advocates Around 988

What are the best ways to engage advocates in your efforts, including those who have been with you for years and new voices? We’ll discuss easy-to-use, as well as low-cost/no-cost, ways to create engaging digital and email campaigns. Also, we will share the best in-person strategies for making an impact and helping your advocates stand out.

Storytelling for Advocacy: Elevating Personal Stories for Impact

Unfortunately, there is no shortage of stories to share from individuals and peers who have experienced crisis. But how a person tells their story matters. Hear about the best ways to prepare advocates to tell their story and how to elevate those stories for maximum impact.
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