REIMAGINE Event Recordings

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

It’s Time to #ReimagineCrisis: Why Now

With the upcoming launch of 988, advocates have a unique opportunity to shape a mental health and suicidal crisis response system that works – for everyone. As a kick-off to REIMAGINE, hear about why these organizations have come together during this unique time, including a brief background of 988 and what it means for mental health, substance use and suicidal crisis response.

Fireside Chat: One Family’s Journey

Too often people affected by mental illness wake up to find the news filled with heartbreaking tragedy: another escalation of force; another life lost; another story that could be about their loved one. Hear one family’s story with our current crisis system and learn about the urgency to #ReimagineCrisis. (Content Warning)

Perspectives: Crisis Response and Racial Equity

Our existing crisis response system leaves too many people underserved, which often leads to trauma and tragedy for people of color. Hear about barriers to receiving care today and how civil rights and social justice groups can play a role in a reimagined system of crisis response.

Deep Dive: What Does an Ideal Crisis System Look Like?

Changing how we respond to people in crisis may seem daunting, but fortunately, we know what works. Learn briefly about the three components of a crisis response system from one community who is proving every day that mental health and suicidal crises can be handled appropriately with a mental health response.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Fireside Chat: Federal Leadership on Crisis Response

Leading up to the nationwide launch of 988, there is much work to be done to ensure that people calling 988 can get the help they need. Hear about the efforts of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to ensure that people in mental health crisis can receive a mental health response.

Perspectives: Supporting Youth and Young Adults In Crisis

Too many states don’t have systems in place to help youth and young adults in crisis. Especially now, in the wake of the pandemic, mental health systems across the country are struggling with the increased demand for help. In this panel discussion, hear from professionals and young adult leaders on how the system is straining to help young people, the challenges youth and young adults are going through, and the urgency to act quickly.

Deep Dive: What the Public Expects When It Comes to Crisis Response

Learn about recent data showing public expectations on how our communities should respond to crises, including who should respond and how we should fund it. Hear how this data can be used to advance crisis services across the country.

Fireside Chat: Policymakers Pushing for Change

Several states have acted quickly to improve crisis response in their state ahead of 988 going live. Hear from legislative sponsors in two states about their efforts – and how you can engage legislators in your state.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Fireside Chat: Living Through a Crisis 

Many people who have been in crisis cycle in and out of jails, emergency departments, alcohol and drug addiction and more before finding the help they need. Hear from individuals and loved ones about their experiences during mental health crises, and how we can work together to make things better for everyone moving forward. (Content Warning)

Perspectives: What Happens If We Don’t Act? A Discussion with Emergency First Responders

Hospitals, physicians, EMTs and law enforcement see firsthand the need for a better way to address crises and help people get a behavioral health response more quickly. Hear from leaders in these communities about why they support reimagining crisis response and the tragic cost of maintaining the status quo.

The Importance of Cultural Sensitivity & Awareness in Crisis Response

Trust is critical to helping a person in crisis and being able to provide them with appropriate care. Dr. Janice Beal of The Steve Fund will share her experience in the City of Houston on cultural sensitivity and how crisis systems should be preparing to respond and help all types of callers, from all backgrounds. She will share her experience in building buy-in and how she and others are working with SAMHSA to ensure cultural awareness is a core consideration in crisis care.

Deep Dive: Where Efforts to #ReimagineCrisis Response Are Today – and What’s Next

What happens when 988 “goes live” in July 2022? Hear a brief overview of current efforts at the federal and state level to change our response to people in crisis, what still needs to happen, and the role you can play in your community.
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